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Managing State Assessment Options and The Implications: Managing State Assessment Opt Outs   School districts across the state are facing increasing assertions by parents that they plan on opting their children out of the State’s grades 3-8 assessments as NYSUT’s President Karen Magee has called for all parents to opt their children out of such tests. The New York State School Boards Association is receiving numerous calls regarding the choices school districts have in managing this situation. Although there are no definitive answers to all of the questions, there are some things that we do know. First, federal law requires that states assess students in grades 3-8 on an annual basis in specified areas. It also requires that 95 percent of students in each school participate in such assessments. According to the ... more >>
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Melinda McCool , Superintendent
McGraw School District
10 West Academy Street
McGraw, NY 13101

Phone: 607-836-3636


Elementary School
Susan Prince, Principal
50 West Academy Street
McGraw NY 13101
Phone: 607-836-3650

High School
Mark Dimorier, Principal
10 West Academy Street
McGraw NY 13101
Phone: 607-836-3601