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Making Churros Making Churros   Here are 11th graders making and enjoying “churros", a traditional Spanish fried dough that Is normally served with thick hot chocolate in cafeterias for breakfast.
Happy Holidays in Pre-K Happy Holidays in Pre-K   On December 11, Pre-K families came to visit for a read aloud with Mrs. Vianos and a Christmas craft.  After reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," the children collaborated in creating one classroom community Christmas tree.  Each decorated their own piece of the tree using a variety of fine motor skills and creativity.  ...
Kindness Week Kindness Week During the week of December 2nd-6th the Positivity Project word of the week was Kindness.  Mrs. Ripley and her 4th grade students had several discussions, both in small groups and as a class, about what kindness meant.  They developed a list of ways they could show kindness toward others and shared examples of who those people might be.  During ...
Bowling with Spheros Bowling with Spheros The McGraw Elementary After School Enrichment program has come to an end for the fall semester. "Kids Coding" ended the class with sphero bowling. Students Bowling with Spheros Video:  Click Here
Art Club Painting Art Club Painting On Friday, December 6, we held an "Art Club Painting Party" after school.  Students all painted a snowman scene and they did such a wonderful job!!!  
Desmos Desmos   Geometry students were in the computer lab using Desmos to review for an upcoming test. Desmos is an online graphing calculator that provides activity modules of various math topics. The students had wonderful discussions!  
Big I in Syracuse Big I in Syracuse   InVEST/Money & Banking students Emily Fish, Destiney Bussey, and Karissa Wilbur, along with their teacher, Ms. Coombs attended the Big I in Syracuse on Thursday, December 5 to meet with area colleges, insurance professionals, and the trade association to learn more about the many careers and potential for working in the insurance industry.  Students are currently earning three ...
Modified Boys Basketball Modified Boys Basketball   The boys modified basketball team improved their record to 5-3 last week with a win over Cincy at home Wednesday night. Led by Captains Jaydon Bassett, Kyle Doty, Noah Heath, and Caleb Metzler the boys continue to work hard in practice to improve each week. We will look to finish out our season with a few more wins.  
Pre-Calclulus Problem Solving Pre-Calclulus Problem Solving   This time of year in PreCalculus, Taylor Conklin, is trying to solve three variable system of equations by using matrices.  In fact she is using Gaussian elimination method, which is named after the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855).          
Peer Critique Peer Critique   Ninth grade students (Kaylee Lang, Blake Bergey, and Sam Hubbard) conference to peer critique one another's thematic writing.
Women in Engineering Women in Engineering     On October 25, Rayevyn Hodgson and Hailey McCall attended the 2019 Women in Engineering Day at Lockheed Martin with Mrs. J. Niver.  In the morning, they participated in an engineering project with students from other schools. Then they attended an engineering career fair which had many hands-on activities that simulated engineering fields.  At lunch, women ...
Friendsgiving Friendsgiving Mrs. Frink’s 5th grade class celebrated Friendsgiving on Tuesday, November 26.  The students came up with the idea after learning about gratitude from the Positivity Project.  The students helped prepare the meal, including making pies.  It was an amazing opportunity to spend time together and be thankful for each other.  A huge thank you to all the cafeteria staff ...
Thankful 1st Graders Thankful 1st Graders Some of our 1st graders showing their gratitude in Mrs. McMullin's class.
Career & Academic Success Career & Academic Success AmeriCU Credit Union visited Ms. Coombs' Career & Academic Success class to discuss the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit.  Students were able to interact with Kaleb Wilson, from AmeriCU to learn, interact, and ask questions to help them prepare for big financial decisions in the future.  AmeriCU representatives will be back in December to discuss financial ...
Cursive Writing Cursive Writing   In an after school enrichment class with Mrs. Latta, some students are learning lowercase and uppercase cursive letters. They are also learning how to connect these letters to form words properly. In our last class, we created a turkey and then wrote a fictional story about him or her. The students had tons of fun doing this! Happy Thanksgiving! ...
Fab-Maker Creations Fab-Maker Creations The After School Enrichment Program: Fab-Maker Creations is teaching McGraw Elementary students how to use tools, 3-D printing, and how to fabricate an image in a program called Fab Maker Studio. The students so far have made masks, 3 dimensional shapes, and fun miscellaneous images of their choice to put together.
Great Body Shop Great Body Shop The Great Body Shop visited sixth grade Science Class as students demonstrated their knowledge of the human body system from cells to systems. Cooperative groups used movement, music, and words to explain the interrelationship of functions in the body. 
Stories in First Grade Stories in First Grade Students in Mrs. Bassett's and Mrs. Young's first grade were treated to some really fun stories and Halloween activities. One of the stories was  Room on the Broom  by Julia Donaldson.  Mrs. Brooks read the story and Mrs. McMullin acted it out with the different props.Then, Mrs. Brooks entertained the students with the story,  I'm the Ghost with One Black ...
Farm Safety Presentatioin Farm Safety Presentatioin Katherine Niver and Lee Price from McNeill 's Risk Management Division presenting a mini farm safety course to the Ag Science class.
Onion Slides in Living Environment Class Onion Slides in Living Environment Class Students in Mrs. Nuesell and Mr. Briggs's Living Environment class recently prepared onion slides so they could look at plant cells under the microscope.  A picture of the onion cell under magnification was taken, note all of the individual cells that make up just a sliver of an onion.

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