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30 Week Honor Roll 30 Week Honor Roll
McGraw Honors Safety Patrol Hero McGraw Honors Safety Patrol Hero     McGraw Superintendent Melinda McCool honored the elementary school Safety Patrol Teacher Advisers and Safety Patrol Jacob Clark this afternoon at the monthly Friday Finale Character Education Assembly.  Jacob was awarded the "Superintendent Safety Commendation" for exceptional performance of his Safety Patrol duties.     The teacher advisers ...
Child Abuse Prevention Day Child Abuse Prevention Day Mrs. Harriger's Health class commemorated Child Abuse Prevention Day with the collaboration of the The Cortland County Child Advocacy Center.  Pinwheels were planted outside the high school to represent our commitment to happy, healthy, safe childhoods. The Cortland County Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a division of the Cortland County District Attorney’s Office and serves ...
Famous People Biographies Famous People Biographies   After learning about biographies, some students in Mrs. McCool’s class researched a famous person.  The students wanted to find out more about these people. They wrote interesting facts about the person they chose.  We edited their writing as they used their keyboarding skills to make the final typed copy.  Then they dressed ...
Youth Basketball Youth Basketball The Youth Basketball Team has grown over the past 4 years and developed into one of the strongest programs in the area.  This year we had four teams that competed in tournaments and played local area schools such as Tully, Homer, Marathon, Cincinnatus, Dryden, DeRuyter, and Ostelic Valley.  
Journals of Lewis and Clark Journals of Lewis and Clark Mrs. Langford and Mrs. Goodwin's co-taught 6-8 Social Studies class recently studied the Louisiana Purchase and the expedition of Lewis and Clark. The students each researched one of the animals that they discovered on their journey and created drawings and written details that looked just like pages from the famous journals of Lewis and Clark!  
Iroquois Creations Iroquois Creations   The 4 th  grade teachers, Mrs. Frink and Mrs. K. O’Donnell, collaborated with the art teacher, Mrs. Rickards to create interdisciplinary lessons, to compliment and enrich the Iroquois Indians social studies unit.   In social studies, students learned about the Iroquois Indians weaving baskets, and then in art class, students wove their own cup.   ...
Girls Modified Basketball Girls Modified Basketball   The Girls Modified Basketball team was a young team with a lot of determination and eagerness to compete.  It was a pleasure coaching these girls this season.  We made many memories and I look forward coaching these girls next season and watching them compete in the future.  ~Coach Wilson  
Math in Grade 6 Math in Grade 6 Volume and surface area help us to measure three-dimensional (3D) figures.  Sixth grade students worked with manipulatives to discover different ways to create a rectangular prism with 20 interlocking cubes.  Students also observed the volume and surface area changes with their designs.   
Imagination Celebration Imagination Celebration   Selected works of art are currently on display at Homer High Schools old music building for the Imagination Celebration , an art show for Cortland County K-6 students.  The opening reception was Thursday, March 21 ,  and the artwork is available for viewing through Sunday, March 31.  Twenty McGraw elementary ...
Algebra 2A Algebra 2A Mr. Tkachuk's Algebra 2A Class is diligently working on an assignment.  This is a small class and the students like to share their knowledge with one another.  In addition, having new furniture just creates a better atmosphere.
Snowshoeing in Grade 4 Snowshoeing in Grade 4 The 4th grade physical education class enjoying themselves on the hill after snowshoeing.
Defensive Driver Workshop Defensive Driver Workshop The Rainbow-Wafer Agency is once again offering the Empire Safety Council's Defensive Driving Workshop.  This two-night program will allow any principal rated driver a 10% discount off the base rate on collision and liability insurance for three years.  (Any student with a permit may take the course, however a driver’s license must be obtained within 90 days to have the discount ...
Golf Team Fundraiser Golf Team Fundraiser The golf team will be starting their annual Coffee Mania Fundraiser on March 19th.  Please support our program by purchasing a great local product from one of our players.  Sales will continue until March 29th.  The golf program is always happy to accept any donations of golf equipment.      
District Seeking BOE Candidates District Seeking BOE Candidates McGRAW CENTRAL SCHOOL SEEKS BOARD CANDIDATES Individuals interested in running for a seat on the McGraw School Board of Education should obtain a nomination packet from Fleurette Clough, District Clerk, or from the website, .  The deadline for filing petitions is Monday, April 22, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. There ...
Middle School Donates to SNAP Middle School Donates to SNAP In February, the Middle School classes collected spare change for CNY SNAP, a program that provides free or low cost spay and neutering for pets.  They collected $57 and met that with class funds to give an overall donation of $114 to CNY SNAP.  Seventh graders Shannon McCool and Jaden Marshall spearheaded the campaign and collected during lunch period.  Thank you to everyone ...
Social-Emotional Learning Social-Emotional Learning This year Mrs. Laffoon, School Counselor, and Ms. LaVancha, School Counseling Intern, have been going into PK-5 classrooms to present lessons on different topics for Social-Emotional Learning.  The pictures are of students attending a “Personal Space Camp” and learning about boundaries.  We have also covered topics like team work, ...
Musical set for March 15 & 16 Musical set for March 15 & 16
Children and Conversation Children and Conversation There is tremendous value in talking with your children regularly and often!  What is it that makes conversation with kids so vital? 1.  “ Ain’t Isn’t a Word” (Language development) :  When you talk with your child, you are modeling correct language.  You say words in a certain order, and you make sentences longer by putting “and, or, ...
Gelatin Volcanoes Gelatin Volcanoes  

In Science class - 8th graders learning about volcanoes using a gelatin model!

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