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Pneumatic Stucture Pneumatic Stucture   Mr. Sanderson's pneumatic structure. Designed using software, built to specs and it holds air!  In Mr. Sanderson's Design and Drawing for Production class, Kaylee Streeter, Dominik Cook, and Hayden Albro designed and built additions to the pneumatic structure.  All of the plastic panels were welded together using plastic welding techniques, and the structures ...
Virtual Reality in Grade 6 Virtual Reality in Grade 6 Sixth grade students using Virtual Reality to explore a Medieval Feast, a siege, and a town in the Middle Ages.  
Popsicle Stick Explosion Popsicle Stick Explosion   Fourth grade students learned how to make a Popsicle Stick Explosion during a STEM lesson.  Watch it here:  EXPLOSION !  
Teacher of the Year:  Mrs. Bassett Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Bassett Michelle Bassett, McGraw 1st grade teacher, was honored as Teacher of the Year at the Cortland Rotary Luncheon, June 4, 2019. She was nominated by colleague Sarah Leach and her principal, Susan Prince.    Letters read at the ceremony: Nomination from Mrs. Leach.pdf ,  Nomination from Mrs. Prince.pdf  
Ford's Theater Oratory Ford's Theater Oratory   Ford's Theatre has posted the videos of the students giving speeches at the National Oratory Festival, including McGraw students,  Hailey McCall and Kaylee Lang .   Here are the links! Enjoy!   
Audiology Project Audiology Project   Utilizing Google Classroom and Defined Stem, 4th graders finished their STEM projects and presented their work to the pre-k and kindergarten classrooms.  Their presentations were well received and the younger students learned a lot about the human ear.  After finishing their presentations, 4th grade students completed a google form survey ...
2019 Junior/Senior Prom 2019 Junior/Senior Prom 2019 Junior/Senior Prom Court
Mock Accident Mock Accident A mock accident with McGraw student actors, McGraw firefighters, TLC paramedics, Cortland County Sheriffs, NY State Police, DA Perfetti, and McGraw faculty took place on Bennett St. on Friday, May 17.  Lead by Firefighter Harvey, this was an exceptional collaborative effort by many community members and agencies.  Thank ...
Honoring Fallen Veterans Honoring Fallen Veterans McGraw high school students visited the cemetary to place flags on the graves of fallen veterans in their honor for Memorial Day.
Seven Valleys Honor Society Seven Valleys Honor Society   Elizah Horn, McGraw junior, was inducted into the Seven Valleys New Tech Academy National Honor Society.  Congratulations Elizah! 
McGraw Wins McGraw Wins "Green Schools Grant"
Mobile Maker Labs Mobile Maker Labs The High School Library has been borrowing Mobile Maker Labs from BOCES School Library System for students and staff to explore this past school year.  Some of the labs have been Board Games, Real and Virtual Engineering, Movie Maker, and Virtual Robotics. The Movie Maker was a way to explore and determine what items we will need to start a “Friday ...
C.A.R.E.S. Assembly C.A.R.E.S. Assembly The Elementary CARES Committee held an all-school assembly on Friday, May 3 rd .  The Pre-K and 4 th  grade introduced the word of the month, "Self-Control," by singing a song and giving examples and non-examples of self-control.  All the students involved did a great job!
Regents Test Prep Regents Test Prep Castle Learning NY State Regents Test Prep Opportunities   Is someone in your household taking a NY State Regents exam in the future?  We are pleased to announce that the McGraw Central School District and its students have access to Castle Learning (CL).  Castle Learning is a wonderful, web-based resource that allows your child to review for NY State Regents exams.  A ...
Learning 3D Shapes Learning 3D Shapes Students had a lot of fun learning about 3 Dimensional shapes in Mrs. Young's classroom.  They learned through guided discovery, kinesthetic, and center activities. Before assessment day, we had a 3D food party.  It included: bugles/cones, mini marshmallows/cylinders, cheese cubes/cubes, wafers & mini Charleston Chews/rectangular prisms, Kix cereal/spheres.  YUM!!  
Law Week at Federal Courthouse Law Week at Federal Courthouse The McGraw Senior class participated in Law Week sponsored by the United States District Court, Northern District of New York and the NDNY-Federal Court Bar Association. The theme of the classroom presentation from the Honorable Andrew T. Baxter and Michael G. Langan, Esq., Career Law Clerk was Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society, focusing on key first amendment ...
Cardio Club Cardio Club Rachael Vianos and Tom McCall started the Cardio Club in early May as a fun, energetic, after school program for 4 th  and 5 th  grade students.  All levels of fitness come together every Tuesday and Thursday for aerobic exercise, rain or shine!  Running or walking at each person's own pace encourages all students to keep their bodies moving in a safe and ...
Extended Learning for Summer 2019 Extended Learning for Summer 2019 The Extended Learning office at SUNY Cortland is pleased to announce two Academic Youth Programs for Summer 2019. Both programs will be held the week of July 8 – 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Assemblage -  Art Program Discover animation, fiber and mixed media and light-sensitive processes during a one-week immersive studio experience based on the theme Assemblage. Ideal ...
Pavilion Award Nominations Pavilion Award Nominations McGraw High School’s musical production of The Addams Family received Cortland Repertory Theatre Pavilion Award nominations in the following categories: Outstanding Musical Production Outstanding Visual Performance by an Ensemble in a Musical Outstanding Vocal Performance by an Ensemble in a Musical Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical (Brandon ...
Peter Rabbit STEAM Project Peter Rabbit STEAM Project   First graders worked on a STEAM project from the story of Peter Rabbit.  Students had to design a garden fence so Peter (the teacher) would not be able to steal the carrot (chocolate candy carrot) from their garden. This was a challenge, but hard work and help from partners made for some pretty crafty fences. 

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