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HS Honor Roll - 10 Weeks HS Honor Roll - 10 Weeks: 6th GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL   Bassett, Jaydon Benjamin, Emily Doty, Kyle Euson, Kendre Guernsey, Noah Little, Hunter Luzum, Keira McCool, Shannon Wilson, Hannah     6th GRADE HONOR ROLL   Friedman, Gabriel Heath, Noah Mancini, Nicholas Marshall, Jaden Sargent, Noah Tetreault, Kirsten West, Nicholas     7th GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL   Bergey, Blake Bilodeau, Jacob Davis, Jordan Hodgson, Rayevyn Hubbard, Samuel Kahle, Gabriel Kastning, Ellie Lang, Kaylee McCall, Hailey Smith, Tyler Stupke, Trista Thomas, Owen     7th GRADE HONOR ROLL   Busby, Daltyn Button, Julianna Hernandez, Isabella Hewlett, Kylee Pitcher, Jackson Ramey, Cody Tinelli, Talon   ... more >>
Oct./Nov. @ Elementary Oct./Nov. @ Elementary:        McGraw Elementary students have been very busy during October and November.  Grades K-5 have been using a new health series called The Great Body Shop .  Many teachers have been busy doing assessments for the marking period, report cards, and Parent Teacher Conferences. These were held on November 9 th . This year report cards were not handed out at conferences, instead they were sent home with students on November 16th.                     Kindergarten students have been busy listening to stories, practicing their letter formations and sounds, and using new social skills. They have also been busy making pumpkins and turkeys. Soon they will be ... more >>
Band & Chorus Trip to NYC Band & Chorus Trip to NYC: On November 5 th , McGraw High School Band and Chorus students in grades 9 through 12 traveled to New York City to attend a matinee performance of the Broadway Musical  Aladdin .   more >>
Emergency Closings Emergency Closings: Emergency School Closings During the school year, emergency situations may occur and result in school being closed, delayed or dismissed early.  This information will be posted on our website in the red banner across the page.   The following local radio stations and local news channels are provided with school related closing information:   WTVH-5/WSTM-3 - Channel 3 & 5 Syracuse, WXHC – Homer, News 10 Now- Channel 10 Syracuse, WIXT 9 - Channel 9 Syracuse, and Cayuga Radio Group*.   Additionally, McGraw CSD utilizes School Messenger to send out notifications.  This system allows school administrators to contact all parents/guardians and staff by phone, email, and text in order to communicate information about emergencies, school closings, ... more >>
Elementary Student Council Elementary Student Council: Elementary Student Council   This year, our fourth and fifth graders faced a new decision… Do I want to run for Student Council Office? This year, fourth graders were nominated to run for the office of Treasurer and Historian and fifth graders were nominated to run for the office of President, Vice President, and Secretary. These offices require students to learn and acquire skills of: responsibility, leadership, empathy, determination, self-control, and decisiveness- character traits that all good leaders possess. Those students who wished to lead our Student Council, obtained ten student signatures, three teacher signatures, and his /her parent/guardian signature as nominations. As a candidate for the position, he/she wrote a speech or created a PowerPoint to deliver ... more >>
First Grade Field Trip First Grade Field Trip: The first graders enjoyed their first field trip of the school year.  It was an in-school trip which concluded our lessons about apples and pumpkins during October.  When students were in Mrs. Bassett’s Absolutely, Awesome Apple Orchard they learned how to make applesauce and sequence the recipe.  Apple trees were created by rolling dice and gluing crate paper to a handmade tree.  Students also had the chance to taste different colored apples and graph their results.  When students were in Mrs. Young’s Pleasantly, Perky Pumpkin Patch they made predictions using real pumpkins, then used the pumpkins to write about pumpkins their five senses.  Students also made paper jack-o-lanterns ... more >>
Growing In Kindergarten Growing In Kindergarten: Growing in Kindergarten Did you know that the word Kindergarten originated from Germany and literally means “garden of children”?        As a gardener would tend to his plants by watching their growth, giving the plant what it needs, supporting when and where it is needed- the teachers and staff here at McGraw strive to do just that for the kindergarten children.      This year will be a time when these children grow and begin to bloom!  As they learn about letters and sounds, how to put them together to make words and then words into sentences, they begin to grow as readers and writers.  This is such an exciting time for us all- as parents, teachers, and growing children.      Early literacy ... more >>
HS Physical Fitness HS Physical Fitness: We have gotten off to a great start this year and students have been doing their part to stay active. Like last year, our Friday's are spent learning fitness concepts and students are put through various exercises and movements that align with the concept of that week. To help students push themselves even more, we are going to have a challenge for the month of November. If students complete 150 burpees (they know what these are) then they will be in a drawing at the end of the year for a chance to win a prize during the awards. Students can complete these during school or at home as long as they have a witness. We hope your families are getting out and enjoying this fall weather and love hearing about hiking trips and anything that ... more >>
Fourth Grade Superheros Fourth Grade Superheros:   To start the school year off, the 4 th grade classes have been focusing on the theme of being a superhero.  The purpose of this theme is to teach the concept that not all superheroes wear capes. They are everyday people making productive choices and taking positive action whether they are being watched or not.  The students created individualized superhero names, chose super powers, connected their identities to a theme song, and identified their personal superheroes.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to get to know each other.  Each student created a comic book cover that will be added to throughout the year.  We are also celebrating everyday superheroes by sending thank you notes ... more >>
Varsity Soccer Varsity Soccer: Boys' Varsity Soccer Overview   Overall Record: 6-10 League Record: 5-6         Coming into this year we knew it was going to be a rebuilding year. Losing 11 players from last year’s squad, 8 of them starters is hard to overcome. We still had high expectations as we looked to compete for a league title. Though we fell short, it is worth noting that the top two teams (Brookfield and Madison) both had many more seniors and more experience. Nagging injuries also had our team without key players for many games and only played 5 or 6 games with everyone available and healthy. The team never lost focus however and continued to learn and grow. We do not have a lot of soccer experience on the team and I will make it my priority to keep ... more >>
Empty Bowls Fundraiser Empty Bowls Fundraiser: The Cortland Loaves and Fishes had their annual “Empty Bowls Fundraiser” at the Center for Arts in Homer on Sat. Oct. 28th.  The goal of this fundraiser was to raise awareness of hunger, both locally and worldwide.  Participants selected their handmade bowl which was created by one of the many artists, teachers, and students within Cortland County. A simple meal of soup and salad was also provided by local restaurants and individuals.   Pottery, all of which is donated by local artists, was given as door prizes and auctioned during the event.  McGraw HS students also each made and donated a bowl for this very important event.     more >>
Kindergarten Kindergarten: Do We Play in Kindergarten? There is a lot of talk out there these days about kindergarten-age students and play time. Both the news media and social media reflect opinions on playtime—or lack thereof—for students. Most people agree that play is important for young children, so let’s consider the playtime question and how we can answer it here in McGraw, NY. DO we play in kindergarten? The answer is most definitely YES, but there is more to the answer than you may think. Before we talk about when, where, and how often these children play, we need to establish the vital role it plays in their healthy development. Whether they are running around playing tag or setting up blocks on the carpet, they are working out problems on their own, experimenting with the ... more >>
Art Club Art Club: Our first Art Club meeting was held on Friday the 13th after school.  Students created a variety of crafts from the many options of projects available to them.  They had 3 themes of art projects to choose from:  the season of Fall, Halloween, and Day of the Dead.  Some examples of the projects created were: making a leaf bowl out of terracotta clay, painting and decorating paper mache’ pumpkins, skulls, or masks, painting beautifully detailed wooden ornaments, and constructing door wreaths.  With a total of 50 members, this is our biggest group yet!   more >>
Successful Readers Successful Readers: We KNOW you want to help your children succeed as readers .  Good reading skills are vital to school success, and they begin when children are very young.  Here are some things will really help!  TALK, TALK, TALK with your children!  They learn so much from you when you talk to them.  They pick up thousands of words and learn lots of new information that way.  Even the sentences you speak give them a model of how to speak correctly.  When they READ later , they will know the meaning of tons of words they come across, helping their comprehension.  They will know about the world and all the fascinating things in it because you shared information with them by talking about lots of things.   ... more >>
McGraw Giving Tree Project McGraw Giving Tree Project:   With fall on its way and winter right around the corner, the school community is gearing up for the McGraw Giving Tree Project.  The McGraw Giving Tree Project was started many years ago by Caroline Gates to provide holiday presents for families in need, in our district.  Last year the district staff and faculty made the homes of 39 families and over one hundred of our children a little happier.  The list of families is generated by nominations which are given to the committee.  The nurse from the building will contact those families nominated to get size and ages of the school children in the home.  The tags with sizes and ages only are selected by the staff and faculty and then the gifts are bagged and tagged.   If you know of a family ... more >>
From Mrs. Laffoon, School Counselor From Mrs. Laffoon, School Counselor: Just a quick word from Kathy Laffoon, Pre-K through 6 th grade school counselor.   First I would like to welcome everyone back to school and hope that everyone enjoyed their summer.  Getting back into the routine of school can be difficult for both kids and adults alike.  Here are a few tips to help get back into the swing of things with your family.   Review your routine and get back on schedule .  Set clear expectations for a bedtime and morning routine that allows your child the most rest.  Sleep is one of the most important things for children.  Plan meals ahead of time.  School nights are busy especially if your children are involved in extracurricular activities.  Take a few minutes each week to plan meals ... more >>
McGraw Alumnus @ ESPN Gameday McGraw Alumnus @ ESPN Gameday: Tyler Mix and his comrades were in charge of the school mascot in the photo on ESPN Gameday.  Tyler (tall blonde on the left side of the picture) is a McGraw graduate and now Virginia Tech Cadet.    more >>
Local Artist Local Artist: Local artist and 9 th  grade student Chelsea Cobb has graciously allowed us to display her beautiful hand-formed sculptures of figurines in the front lobby display case.  This talented self-taught artist has demonstrated her skills by showing us a sample of her very creative work.  Sculptures show a variety of characters such as mermaids, females in flowing dresses, plants, and dragon eyes.  Please take a moment to view this amazing work if you happen to stop by the High School.   more >>
Grades 6-8 Co-Taught Classes Grades 6-8 Co-Taught Classes:          The 2017-2018 school year is off to a great start in Mrs. Langford’s 6-8 co-taught classes!  With a new school year comes new friends and new routines… and a lot of fun while learning.  The students are active in the classrooms and are challenged as critical thinkers and problem solvers.           In Mrs. Goodwin’s social studies class, while studying maps, we used playdough to represent mountains and show ELEVATION.   We are looking at different types of maps and finding locations using LATITUDE and LONGITUDE.               Miss Merriman’s math class started off with lots of hands-on learning!  ... more >>
Dinosaurs in School? Dinosaurs in School?: Dinosaurs in school? If your kindergartener, 1 st ,2 nd or right on up to 5 th grader tells you that they learned something from a dinosaur, don’t worry, they are not insulting a teacher!  They probably DID learn something from a dinosaur, or her friends Wally, Molly and Tiny Turtle.  Dina, the dinosaur, has been attending McGraw kindergartens weekly for the past 6 years teaching our young learners Social and Emotional Literacy skills.  From learning how to introduce themselves to solving problems, Dina, Wally, Molly, and Tiny share their school experiences to help your child be socially successful in school.  Dina is part of The Incredible Years Social Skills and Problem Solving in the Classroom program that is introduced in most Head Starts ... more >>

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