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Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Hello McGraw School Community:

Friday, Oct 21 is bus driver appreciation day, and I wanted to share with you my appreciation for our bus drivers.  Many of our families entrust their children into the hands of these bus drivers twice a day to get them to and from school safely.  They take our children to the enriching and fun activities away from school like sports trips, music trips, and field trips.  Not very many people have what it takes to be a bus driver, and we are fortunate to have the quality people we have in the transportation department in this district.  My mother was a McGraw school bus driver for 30 years, so I know the trials and tribulations of a bus driver and how dedicated the drivers are to getting our children to school safely.  It is often not an easy task, especially driving in the hills in the winter!  I thought of this on bus driver appreciation day this year as I was driving to work.  It was still raining after raining all night with a flash flood warning.   It was still dark, but the drivers were up early and out their driving with their eyes on the road and eyes in the backs of their heads, keeping an eye out for special circumstances that might arise just like every other day.  The entire bus garage team is extremely dedicated to ensure our buses are safe and in excellent repair and that the whole operation runs smoothly.  We should all keep in mind that this team is critical to the successful operation of our school!

Cindy Buerkle, McGraw Board of Education President  
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