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Mr. Wehling

Teaching Certification
Adolescent Education: Mathematics (7-12) Initial Certification

Algebra I                                                                                                              
Length of Course:  1 Year (or AB for 2 years)
Grades Allowed in Course:  9
Pre-Requisite:  Math 8                                                                                                                               
This is the first course in a three year Sequential Math Regents curriculum.  Among topics discussed are algebra, functions and their graphs,  equations, inequalities, graphing, systems of equations and inequalities, exponential functions, quadratic functions, radical expressions, polynomials and rational functions.  The Common Core  Algebra Regents will be given in June.

Statistics in Sports
This is a half year pass/fail math elective that covers concepts of statistics through the lense of sports and athletics. 

About me
I graduated from Medina High School in 2008 with a passion for mathematics and decided to go to SUNY Cortland to start my training to become a math teacher.  While I was getting my Bachelor's Degree I did my student teaching right here at McGraw High School in 2012.  I had such a good experience here that I wanted to come back and now I am in my fifth year teaching at this district. I also help out as the Freshman class advisor. 
"An investment in knowlege pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

"Show your work!" - Every Math Teacher
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