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Oct./Nov. @ Elementary

       McGraw Elementary students have been very busy during October and November.  Grades K-5 have been using a new health series called The Great Body Shop.  Many teachers have been busy doing assessments for the marking period, report cards, and Parent Teacher Conferences. These were held on November 9th. This year report cards were not handed out at conferences, instead they were sent home with students on November 16th.            
        Kindergarten students have been busy listening to stories, practicing their letter formations and sounds, and using new social skills. They have also been busy making pumpkins and turkeys. Soon they will be learning about families. In math class students are gaining number sense.   
        First grade students have been learning how to add and subtract and solve math word problems using different strategies. They enjoyed exploring pumpkins and apple activities. Soon they will be doing a Turkey Disguise Project.
        In early October students in second grade went on an exciting, educational, and tasty field trip. Each student was given and apple to take home. When they returned they made some delicious homemade applesauce. They have also been studying spiders and learning to use the Chrome Books to help them learn math facts and current events. In addition, students are working on writing and editing sentences with details.
       The Thanksgiving Luncheon was a huge success. What a great job Holly, Patti, Joanne, Kim, and the other cafeteria staff did cooking that well planned delicious feast.

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