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Facilities Presentation @ BOE Meeting


Students, Brandon Jones and Desirae Livermore, spoke to the Board about their experience working at McGraw Schools this past summer.  They talked about their interview experience, the tasks they completed over the summer, the people they worked with, and the post interview with their supervisor, Mr. McCall.  Tom McCall, Facilities Director, shared that he wants to help the students grow by expanding the application process to include resumes and references, discussing attendance and expectations, giving them training, and conducting post interviews to address their future goals.   He commended the students, expressing his pride in the students for work well done and feels that the student body is more respectful of the facilities, especially the boys’ locker room since it was newly painted.  The students echoed his sentiments saying they were proud to be able to point out the work they had done.

Mr. McCall also reported to the Board that the Fitness Room repairs are going to begin over Christmas break with the hope of having the room open when school resumes in January.  He mentioned that he has been meeting with architects, engineers, and contractors for the upcoming Capital Project.  They have met to analyze building conditions, review plans, and discuss options.  Plans for the project thus far will be reviewed at a meeting with the architects on December 8, and the Board will be updated regularly.
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