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School Recycling Program

New York State Standards for Social Studies includes Standard 5 which involves Civics, Citizenship, and Government.    Part of the civics curriculum is the role of the citizen in the community, in the nation, and in the world.   Another part of civics involves the students’ responsibilities with civic participation and engagement.  Students in Mr. Briggs’s co-taught social studies classes have been performing a civic duty at the school by participating in the recycling program.  Once a week students from co-taught social studies classes are collecting and sorting recyclable materials from each classroom and office in the school.  Over the years these students have been collecting paper, plastics, and metal to be reused instead of sending the discarded materials to the landfill.  They are helping the environment and playing an important role in conserving resources.  The students have saved countless trees by reusing paper, they have recycled plastics so less petroleum is need in plastic production, and they recycled metal products so less energy and resources are used when these products are produced as well.  The students in both classes should be proud of their work and the ways they are helping the environment.  The McGraw community thanks you for your efforts. Keep up the good work!
Dan Briggs
Special Education Teacher

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