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Elves Wanted

Did you see the wanted add in the Sunday paper for one of Santa’s elves?  Well the first graders were awfully excited about it so they decided to apply for a job.  First the classes brainstormed different elf jobs that Santa may be looking for… reindeer feeder, cookie baker, toy maker, tree decorator, etc.  Then each student chose a job to apply for.  They listed their distinguishing characteristics that would help them land the job.  They filled out a resume and wrote a letter to Santa trying to persuade him to choose them.
Unfortunately, none of our first graders were chosen to go work at the North Pole.  Santa did take the time to write the first graders at McGraw Elementary a letter and sent each one of them an elf hat with their name on it.  We had a great time celebrating all of our hard work! Happy holidays from all of the first grade elves.

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