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Chili Cook-off

It’s Getting Chili in Here!
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FIRST ANNUAL CHILI COOK OFF CHAMPION.... MR. MATT MARTINS!! He has "Champion" in his blood this year!  First leading his Varsity basketball team to Section Finals, and now this! I want to give special thanks to our participants, Matt Martins, Joe Seamans, and Jim Durkee for participating in this memorable experience for my students.  The competition was exciting, but the instruction and "teachable moments" were more than I could have dreamed of!  Executive Chef Jim Durkee from Cayuga Medical Center joined us as a special guest and offered lots of tips and expertise from the world of culinary cuisine. It was a treat to watch him work side-by-side with my students.  I’m looking forward to next year!  I have a lineup of great cooks wanting in on this competition with Superintendent of Schools, Melinda McCool, leading the pack! It looks like it’s “Game On” kids! 
Nancy Harriger
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Melinda McCool, Superintendent
10 West Academy Street
McGraw, NY 13101
P: (607)836-3636