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         Mr. David Emma                         Mrs. Kristy Forkey                         Phone: 607-836-3610                       Fax: 607-836-3635                                           

Welcome to the McGraw Middle School Counseling Webpage!
Academic, Social-Emotional, and College/Career - Classroom Lessons 

Small-Group or Individual Counseling - Scheduled or Drop-Ins

Progress Report and Schedule Changes

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5th Grade Parent Night Information

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the best way to contact teachers?

Since teachers are teaching most of the day, the best way to contact them would be through email.
Here is a link to the directory to find the teacher's email address.

How can I set up a meeting with my child's teacher and counselor?

You can set up a meeting with your child’s teachers or counselor by calling your student's counselor
and asking to set up a team meeting or by contacting a specific teacher directly.

What should I do if I am concerned about how my child is doing in a particular class?

You can contact the teacher directly (preferably through email) and talk with them about how your son/daughter is doing. You may also request a meeting with that specific teacher to discuss what strategies your child could use to help improve his/her understanding of the concepts.

What are some reasons my child might be seen by the counselor?

Check-in meeting (with all students)
Student-initiated meeting in regards to grades, social or emotional questions/concerns, friendship issues, or problems at home
Counselor-initiated meeting in regards to grades, social, behavioral, or emotional questions/concerns
Parent-initiated meeting

How do I refer my son/daughter to the School Counselor?

You can refer your son/daughter by calling or emailing Mr. Emma ( directly or by calling Mrs. Forkey at 836-3610 and asking her to set up an appointment for your child. Your student can also self-refer using this Google Form. 

Need to schedule a visit with Mr. Emma?

Would I know if my son/daughter met with the School Counselor?

I try to meet with all of the Middle School students throughout the year. I do not contact parents every time I meet with a student.
I would contact parents if we had any questions or concerns. Counseling meetings with students are confidential
and we may only share information if we feel your student's safety or another person’s safety may be in jeopardy.  
School Counselors follow the American School Counselors Association guidelines for confidentiality 
See below for the Ethical Standards

What are some important things to let my child’s counselor know?

Changes in the home (separation/divorce, death in family, family illness, financial stressors, custody arrangements, upcoming move)
Academic concerns
Emotional/social/behavioral/health concerns
Problems or questions around peer relationships
If a student will be out for an extended period of time because of illness or vacation

Guidance Direct:

Career Connections from Guidance Direct is an interactive online college and career planning resource
 where students can find colleges and scholarships that meet their needs and preferences,
take a validated career interest assessment, identify career-related interest areas,
discover careers that match their interests, research in-depth reports on hundreds of occupations
and more all in one convenient place.

To create student accounts:

5th and 6th grade: School ID: 3099145 Password: mFBxe93Gpw

7th and 8th grade: School ID: 3099854 Password: C%D9uiZfrV

Working Papers: 

Students aged 14-17 who would like to begin working must obtain working papers.
Please see Mrs. Forkey in the Guidance Office.
For information on the New York State Laws surrounding working while in school
along with tips on balancing work and school. Please visit

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