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Open House Video

Video Transcription: Hi, my name is Kali Johnson and I am the new school psychologist for grades 6-12 here at McGraw High School. What does a school psychologist do you may ask? That is a great question, and depending on the day my answer may vary. My number one priority is to help students. If a student needs to talk, is going through a difficult time, or is in crisis, I am always available to talk and support them. I also work with both teachers and parents to problem solve through any academic, behavioral, emotional, or social concerns. I also do counseling with students in order to strengthen skills like social emotional functioning, executive functioning, and social skills. A big part of my role is being a CSE member. CSE stands for the Committee on Special Education. I complete testing, collect data, conduct evaluations, write reports and advocate for students during meetings in order to ensure students have the most appropriate special education or 504 services. Lastly, I can provide support and resources wherever the high school needs me and will work towards creating a positive school environment with a multi tiered system of supports. If you have any questions about me or my role here at Mcgraw, please feel free to contact me. My information is available on my homepage. Thanks for watching!”
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