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Welcome to the McGraw School District Curriculum Page

Director of Curriculum and Special Education:  Karen Genzel, Ph.D.
Phone Number:  607-836-8619;     Fax Number 607-836-3609

Curriculum Council Committee Members:  Dan Briggs, Rick Cowit, Tricia DiFulvio, Mark Dimorier, Heather Frink, Karen Genzel, Melinda McCool, and Susan Prince

District Plan
Professional Learning Plan 2020-23

Curriculum Grades PK - 12
Curriculum Maps Grades PK - 12

New York State is presently transitioning from the NYS Common Core Learning Standards to the the Next Generation Learning Standards (adopted in 2017). The district is aligning curriculum and instruction to the new standards in preparation for implementation of the Next Generation Learning Standards for ELA and math in the fall of 2020.  Subject areas with links to the standards and resources are included on this page.

English Language Arts (ELA)

NYSED ELA Standards homepage: NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards

UPK-12 Next Generation ELA standards:   NYS Next Generation ELA Standards

Next Generation ELA Standards at a Glance provide the progression of standards across grade levels (PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12). 

ELA Crosswalks  show the CCCLS standards side-by-side with the new standards.  "Cross outs" means something was removed.  "Bold" means it is something new in the standards. 


NYSED Math Standards homepage: NYSED Next Generation Math Standards

UPK-12 Next Generation Math Standards: NYS Next Generation Math Standards Document

Glossary of Verbs Associated with the NYS Next Generation Math Learning Standards: Math Glossary  

NYS Next Generation Math Learning Standards Crosswalks & Snapshots:  Math Crosswalks and Snapshots



NYSED Science Standards homepage: NYSED Science Standards

UPK-12 Next Generation Science standards: NYS P-12 Science Standards

NYS Science Standards Implementation Resources: NYS Science Standards Implementation Roadmaps

Social StudiesNYSED Social Studies Standards homepage: NYSED Social Studies Standards

NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework Introduction:  NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework Introduction

NYS K-8 Social Studies Framework:  NYS K-8 Social Studies Framework

NYS 9-12 Social Studies Framework:  NYS 9-12 Social Studies Framework

Revisions to NYS Social Studies K-8 Framework (March 2016):  Revisions to NYS Social Studies K-8 Framework

Revisions to NYS Social Studies 9-12 Framework (February 2017):  Revisions to NYS Social Studies 9-12 Framework

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

NYSED LOTE homepage: NYSED LOTE homepage

NYS LOTE Standards: NYS LOTE Standards


Physical Education

NYSED PE homepage:  NYSED PE

NYS PE Introduction:  NYS PE Introduction

NYS PE Learning Standards: NYS PE Learning Standards


Technology Education

NYSED Technology homepage:  NYSED Technology

NYS Technology Learning Standards:  NYS Technology Learning Standards


Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

NYSED FACS homepage: NYSED FACS homepage

NYS FACS Standards:  NYS FACS Standards

Middle Level FACS:  Middle Level FACS

High School FACS:  High School FACS


Health, Mental Health, & Social Emotional Learning

NYSED Health homepage:  NYSED Health

NYS Health Standards:  NYS Health Standards

Guidance Document to Achieving NYS Health Standards:  Guidance Document for NYS Health Standards

NYSED Mental Health homepage:  NYSED Mental Health

Mental Health Education Literacy in Schools: Linking to A Continuum of Well-Being (Comprehensive Guide):  Mental Health Education Literacy in Schools: Linking to A Continuum of Well-Being

Mental Health Education Literacy in Schools: Linking to A Continuum of Well-Being PowerPoint: Mental Health Education Literacy in Schools Power Point

Mental Health Literacy in Schools Facts Page:  Mental Health Literacy in Schools Facts

Resources and tools to prepare students to succeed in school and in life: Social Emotional Learning: A Guide to Systemic Whole School Implementation 

NYS Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks:  New York State Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks

NYS Social Emotional Learning: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life a framework explaining SEL concepts: Social Emotional Learning: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life

New Arts Standard Resources released
OCTOBER 7, 2020

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction has released new Arts Standard Resources. These resources include:

Discipline-specific Guidance Course Flow charts which provide:

  • Course progressions at three levels;

  • SCED codes and course descriptions;

  • Pertinent regulations for arts education at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Arts Standard Need to Knows which are:

  • Concise introductions to the 2017 Learning Standards for the Arts for Teachers, Parents/Guardians, Administrators, and school counselors; that will

  • Support communication surrounding the Arts Standards to further partnerships and conversations within the broader school and local community as New York State moves towards full standard implementation.

Additionally, resources to develop and align arts curricula to the 2017 NYS Learning Standards for the Arts are available and include:

  • A Self-Guided Tour of the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts in Visual Arts, Media Arts, Dance, Theatre, and Music.

  • Toolkits to provide participants and presenters with essential questions and discussion points

  • Think Documents that offer discipline-specific at-a-glance resources to assist arts educators in their adaption of existing curricula to the 2017 Arts Learning Standards while meeting the needs of all students.

  • These resources can be found on the Office of Curriculum Arts Page under Arts Professional Development

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