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Breakfast Menu 2016-17

April 2017 HS Menu

April 2017 K-8 Menu

HS Menu May 2017

K-8 Menu May 2017

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For Information on Free and Reduced Lunch:
16-17 F and R Meal App Fact Sheet-McGraw.pdf

16-17 Free and Reduced App-McGraw.pdf

16-17Letter to Parents-McGraw.pdf

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McGraw Central School District believes that one of the most important ways in which we can help our children perform better in their classroom is to provide them with a nutritious breakfast and lunch. 

Parents can limit access to ala carte items by filling out the Account Restriction Form.

Children from households that meet federal income guidelines are eligible for free meals or reduced price meals.  Reduced priced meals cost each eligible student $.25 for breakfast and lunch.  You may apply for such benefits at any time during the year.  Applications are available from the main office.

McGraw Central Schools follows a traditions meal pattern system to ensure that the necessary vitamins, nutrients, protein and calories are offered in a week of planned menus.  Breakfast offerings include two servings of grains, or one grain and one protein, one serving of fruit or fruit juice, and one serving of milk.  Students are required to take a minimum of 3 items for breakfast.  Lunch includes one serving of meat/meat alternate, one serving of grain/bread, two servings of vegetables and/or fruits, and one serving of milk.  Students should take a minimum of three items but may take all five offerings.  As an alternate to the main entrée, peanut butter and jelly or a sandwich choice is available daily.  Chef salads are also available daily at the high school building. 


HS Cafeteria Staff:        Adam Fox, Joanne Thornton, & Janie Grinnell

                                                  Wendy Swift, Supervisor - Greg Bilodeau, shared manager 

Melinda McCool , Superintendent
McGraw School District
10 West Academy Street
McGraw, NY 13101

Phone: 607-836-3636


Elementary School
Susan Prince, Principal
50 West Academy Street
McGraw NY 13101
Phone: 607-836-3650

High School
Mark Dimorier, Principal
10 West Academy Street
McGraw NY 13101
Phone: 607-836-3601