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Smart Schools Bond Act

The Smart Schools Bond Act was passed in the 2014-15 Enacted Budget and approved by the voters in a statewide referendum held during the 2014 General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. The Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) authorized the issuance of $2 billion of general obligation bonds to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunity for students throughout the State.

To see information about the Smart Schools Bond Act, please click on presentation link below:

Our SmartSchools Letter of Intent:


Here is our approved SmartSchools Bond Act Technology plan for 2019-21:


SmartSchools Bond Act Technology plan for 2022-25:

NYSED Approved Instructional TechnologyPlan22-25

Our approved SmartSchools Investment Plan, re-submitted 04/15/2019:


SmartSchools Amendment 12/29/2023:

SmartSchools Amendment

Our plan was approved by NYS Department of Education on June 18, 2019, I will provide updates as they occur:
**10/2019 Update**Phase 1: Our Cisco switches and Cisco security components(Informacast), and Meraki Wireless access points have been ordered **12/2019 Update** Switches have all been installed, Core switch components have been upgraded. This means we have up-to-date network equipment and more network capacity now.
HS Upstairs switch closet remodel is in the works this remodel has been completed
**01/2020 Update** More network/security components(Informacast/Singlewire, routers) are being installed, the 20 additional Meraki wireless access points have been installed.
**2/2020 Update** Phase 2:I am securing updated quotes for a new security camera system, door access components and additional wiring we need done for this.
**3/2020 Update** Phase 2: These quotes have been secured and our Board have approved them, work will start after we receive our Phase 1 reimbursement.
**4/2020 Update** Phase 1: Reimbursement has been submitted to the State.
**5/2020 Update** Phase 3: Securing quotes and information for new clock, bell and PA systems that integrate with Informacast/Singlewire.
**9/2020 Update**  Phase 3: Secure quote for Interactive board replacement.                                                
**01/2021 Update** Phase 2: POs have been issued to start cabling and security camera project.
**01/2021 Update** Phase 3: we are submitting a new LOI, and investment plan for our PA speaker/Informacast/mass notification system and interactive                                                         board replacement.
**02/2021 Update**  Phase 2: Starting the Security camera/door access project, wiring and installation during February break. 
**04/2021 Update**  Phase 2: Still cabling, installing cameras, Avigilon Video server has been installed and 'talking' to security camera equipment.
**12/2021 Update** Phase 2: Security Camera and door access project completed.
**3/2022 Update** Phase 2: Punch list is completed 4/2022, Day automation paid, applied for SSBA reimbursement
**4/2022 Update** Phase 3: Re-submitted plan and quotes for PA notification/Clock system upgrades, this will include 18 new Interactive boards.
**10/2022 Update**Phase 3: We still have not received our reimbursement we applied for back in March 2022 for the last project phase. Meanwhile we continue to run network cabling when time allows to all speaker/clock locations at both schools in preparation for the next phase.
**12/2023 Update** Phase 2: Security Camera/Door access projects were finally approved for reimbursement.
**12/2023 Update** Phase 3: We filed another amendment for our PA Notification/Clock systems and interactive boards projects. Awaiting all approvals so we can order components and schedule this work to be done.
**01/2024 Update**Phase 2: Reimbursed for Security Camera system/door access upgrades from 12/2021
**02/2024 Update** Phase 3: PA Clock/Speaker project has been approved, secured another updated quote from EPlus

***Community members, staff and students may send comments on this plan to the Director of Technology, Kevin Solan. ***