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Schooltool Student Portal is a web-based program that allows students to access the following information:

First Name, 
Last Name & Home Address
Counselor Name 
Current Grade
Attendance Record
6-8 Testing (Assessments) 
Assignment Grades (Grades 6-12)
Marking Period Average 
Marking Period Grades 
Progress Report Grades
Final Grades
Schedules / Course Selections

Logging into Schooltool
Use your Web browser to access the Internet and go to the Schooltool Portal website or simply follow the link for Student Portal under Student Resources > Student Portal.

Under “Username”, type in your full school assigned username.  (Example: jsmith)

Under “Password”, enter your network password assigned to you by the district.

Click on the Login button.
Logging out of Schooltool

Students should click Logout in the module bar (located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) when finished.


  Director Of Technology      
 Kevin Solan         
Phone: 607-836-3630     
  Instructional Technologist 
       Amanda Erxleben
    Phone: 607-836-3622