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McGraw Central School District's website offers a range of technology services to students, teachers, parents, and community members. Some of the technology services offered by the school district's website include:
Online Learning Platforms:

Online learning platforms are accessible to students, teachers, and parents. These platforms include Google Workspace, which allows teachers to create and distribute assignments through Google Apps, which provides access to course materials and allows for online collaboration.

Technology Support:

Providing technology support to ensure that students and staff have access to the tools they need to succeed. The technology support team can assist with issues related to hardware, software, and network connectivity.
Online Resources:

Providing access to a variety of online resources, including educational apps, eBooks, and other digital learning materials. These resources are designed to enhance classroom learning and provide students with additional opportunities for growth and enrichment.
Digital Citizenship:

Providing resources for teaching digital citizenship, including information about online safety, responsible use of social media, and ethical behavior in online environments.
The technology services provided by McGraw Central School District's website are designed to support students, teachers, and parents in their academic and personal growth.
Technology Team

The technology team at McGraw Central School District is responsible for managing and supporting the school district's technology infrastructure and tools. The team works together to ensure that technology is being used effectively in the classroom to support teaching and learning.

Here are some of the responsibilities and decisions that the technology team at McGraw Central School District is involved in:
Managing Technology Infrastructure:
The technology team help make decisions towards the l district's technology infrastructure, including networks, servers, and devices. They ensure that systems are up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.
Supporting Classroom Technology:
The technology team provides support to teachers and staff in using classroom technology, such as Smart Boards, Chromebooks, and software programs.
Making Technology Decisions:

The technology team is involved in making decisions about the technology tools and programs used by the school district. They research and evaluate new tools and programs to determine their potential impact on teaching and learning.
Providing Training:

The technology team provides training to teachers and staff on how to effectively use technology in the classroom. This includes training on new tools and software programs as well as ongoing support and professional development.

Overall, the technology team at McGraw Central School District plays a critical role in supporting technology use in the classroom and ensuring that technology is being used effectively to support teaching and learning. They make decisions about technology tools and programs, provide training and support to teachers and staff to support student success.


Kevin Solan, Kristina Maricle, Melinda McCool, Dan Briggs,
Pam Coombs, Rebecca Cornell, Jessica Latta, Mark Dimorier, Amanda Erxleben,
Susan Prince, Erin Dimorier, James Sanderson, Joe Seamans, Ethan Brown, Erik Wehling,
Tracey O'Donnell, and John D'Antonio

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***Community members, staff and students may send comments on this plan to
 the Director of Technology, Kevin Solan. ***

 Director Of Technology
           Kevin Solan         
Phone: 607-836-3630
      Instructional Technologist 
      Amanda Erxleben   
    Phone: 607-836-3622