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  Continuity of Learning During COVID-19
  Smart Schools Bond Act: We have been approved, for more information, please click Here
***Community members, staff and students may send comments on this plan to 
the Director of Technology, Kevin Solan. ***
Technology Team Members
  Kevin Solan, Kristina Maricle, Melinda McCool, Dan Briggs,
Pam Coombs, Rebecca Cornell, Jessica Latta, Mark Dimorier, Amanda Erxleben,
Susan Prince, Erin Dimorier, James Sanderson, Joe Seamans, Ethan Brown, Erik Wehling,
Tracey O'Donnell, and John D'Antonio


 Director Of Technology
           Kevin Solan         
Phone: 607-836-3630
      Instructional Technologist 
      Amanda Erxleben   
    Phone: 607-836-3622