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*Students must be logged into Google for the Apps to be available*   

SchoolTool is a web-based student management system used by McGraw Central School District to manage student data and academic records. The system provides teachers, administrators, and parents with real-time access to student information, including grades, attendance records, and behavioral data. Here are some key features and benefits of SchoolTool at McGraw Central School District:
Attendance Tracking:

SchoolTool allows teachers to track student attendance in real-time, making it easy to monitor student absences and tardiness. This information can also be shared with parents and administrators.
Grading and Assessment:

SchoolTool provides a centralized platform for teachers to enter grades and assess student performance. The system allows for customized grading scales and provides automated calculations to simplify the grading process.
Parent and Student Portals:

SchoolTool offers parent and student portals that provide access to academic records, grades, and other important information. This allows parents and students to stay informed about academic progress and stay connected with teachers.
Customizable Reports:

SchoolTool offers customizable reports that allow teachers and administrators to analyze student data and track progress. Reports can be generated for individual students, classes, or the entire school district.
Special Education Management:

SchoolTool includes features for managing special education programs, including Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 plans, and related services. The system allows for easy tracking of student progress and communication between teachers and service providers.

SchoolTool at McGraw Central School District provides a comprehensive solution for managing student data and academic records. The system allows teachers, administrators, and parents to stay informed and involved in the academic progress of students.

 Director Of Technology
           Kevin Solan         
Phone: 607-836-3630
Instructional Technologist 
      Amanda Erxleben   
    Phone: 607-836-3622