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Breakfast, Lunch and Snack

Breakfast and Lunch
Click here to see the menu!
  • Breakfast
    • the school provides a free breakfast for every student
    • We pass breakfast out to every student first thing, and they choose if they want to eat it
    • If your child eats breakfast at home, they may still choose to eat something from the school's breakfast unless you tell the teacher otherwise.
  • Lunch
    • The school offers a couple of choices for free lunch, and your child can choose from those choices OR they can bring their own lunch from home.
    • Please note that the school will provide a monthly menu, but be aware that the choices are subject to last minute changes due to availability
  • If your child brings their own lunch:
    • they will either need to bring their own drink (no carbonated beverages please), drink water from their water bottle, or let the teacher know that they need to get milk from the cafeteria
  • PLEASE, take some time to help your kindergartener get acquainted with their lunch box and beverage container/water bottle. Help them practice opening and closing containters tightly, and taking care of them.
Snacks and Water Bottles

All students will need to bring in their own snack, every day. School does not provide them and other students will only bring their own.
Their snacks should not include juice, or other drinks
Every student will need to bring in a water bottle that they can easily open and close tightly, on their own
  • We have a water-filling station where they can fill them with fresh water as needed
  • Water bottles can be kept in school but will be sent home for washing.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN FLAVORED WATER OR DRINKS WITH SUGAR IN THEM, except as part of their packed lunch, and never send soda or carbonated drinks. Thank you for understanding :)
We strongly suggest healthy snacks, and that you save the sugary ones for their Birthdays 

On their Birthday, students are allowed to bring in PREPACKAGED cookies or store bought cupcakes for their classmates. They must be unopened and cannot require utencils. (We have 15 friends)