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Curriculum and Homework

Below you will find brief statements identifying the curriculum we use. Click on the underlined words for links to better descriptions and/or resources regarding each.

ELA or English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)
We have a new series (as of last year) called Wonders, from publisher McGraw Hill.
We work to be sure and cover NY's Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards.

We use a Math program called My Math, from McGraw-Hill as well as other teacher-made resources that help us meet the Next Generation Mathmatics Learning Standards and give your kindergarteners a strong start.

Social Studies
Our New Social Studies program this year is called into Social Studies, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. We follow the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework (see SS).

Our Science Curriculum includes New Smithsonian Science kits from BOCES and follows NYS Next Generation Learning Standards and can be viewed on the McGraw District website (Science curriculum).

Our Health Curriculum, The Great Body Shop, is also based on NYS Next Gen Learning Standards which can be viewed on the McGraw District Website (Health curriculum).


Math Homework is always optional, however it is encouraged. Having your child do the Math worksheets with you, helps you to not only know what they are working on in school, it also helps you see if they are understanding the lessons or if they are struggling.

Reading Homework is very simple and very important! Read to or with your child for atleast 20 minutes. 
At this age we are working on book handling skills: 

  • Where is the cover page?
  • Where is the title? What is an author/illustrator?
  • Where is the first word in the sentence (reading left to right)? 
  • What punctuation is used?
I will be sending home brief paper booklets that include high frequency words of the week. Every few weeks I will be sending home a list of the words we have learned with some fun ideas on how to practice these at home. 
*You may request copies of work that your child missed while absent for multiple days so they don't fall behind. 
Please let me know as soon as you can.**