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Other/Additional Resources

Please have sneakers each day for the playground and PE class! Running around woodchips in flip flops can be dangerous. 

During snow season, students will need gloves, hat, snowpants, boots and a jacket. Please practice putting these items on independently at home. It gets chaotic when 15 kids are asking me to zip and button at the same time. I will send home snow gear on Friday to be washed and returned. You may request that I send home certain items daily. 

No toys from home please

Please refrain from allowing your child to bring toys into school.  This is a strict rule in kindergarten.  We have found that toys from home can be lost, given away, or misused by others. If your child has a long bus ride, and there is something they need to keep them occupied during the ride, please talk to them about keeping that item in their backpacks during school.

Leader of the Day: 

Each month I will send home a calendar that will let you know when its your child's day to be the leader. They may bring in a favorite toy to share with the class. It will come out during share time and put away for the rest of the day. The leader of the day also gets to stand in front of the line while moving to different rooms of the building. Its a pretty big deal!!