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Pride of Workmanship Award

Fleurette Clough awarded the Rotary Pride of Workmanship Award on January 30, 2024. 
"I enthusiastically nominate Fleurette Clough for the Pride of Workmanship Award in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the McGraw Central School District. Fleurette has consistently demonstrated outstanding qualities in job competence, punctuality, and overall excellence in every aspect of her work. ....One of Fleurette's standout qualities is her unwavering commitment to punctuality and consistency of effort. Regardless of the task at hand, she approaches each day with a high level of energy and dedication. This commitment has not only increased productivity within our team but has set a positive example for other colleagues. Fleurette consistently exhibits a genuine interest and enthusiasm for her work . Moreover, Fleurette has demonstrated a commendable level of independence in her work, taking initiative and consistently delivering high-quality results.
 .....Fleurette has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence by ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently the first time. Her attention to detail and thorough approach not only saves time, but also upholds the high standards of quality our organization is known for.
In conclusion, Fleurette exemplifies the qualities that make her an outstanding candidate for the Pride of Workmanship Award. Her dedication, competence, and positive attitude make her a valuable asset to our organization." 
~ Superintendent, Melinda McCool