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McGraw School District is located in beautiful central New York State, conveniently located between Syracuse and Binghamton in the Route 81 corridor.  

The McGraw High School houses grades 6-12.  The Elementary School down the street houses pre-kindergaten through 5th grade.  The district boasts of small class sizes and prime teacher-student ratios, enabling the needs of all to be met.  

McGraw strives to be a Boutique School with specialized offerings.  This small rural school has a family feel that is absolutely charming.  Students are able to participate in a number of high quality athletics and arts programs.  Enrichment classes begin at the elementary school as after school courses, with a wide array of additional elective courses at the High School.  The High School offers concurrent college course enrollment classes and two Career and Technical Education  (CTE) Programs, Computer Applications and Agricultural Innovation Resources.   High School graduation rates are among the best in our region.  



Alma Mater

When the first red beams of sunrise dawn the eastern sky,
Stands our noble Alma Mater 'neath the hilltops high.

Lift the chorus; speed it onward,
Loud our praises call.
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;

Hail, O Hail, McGraw