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Board of Education

Per Board Policy #3230, comments or complaints should follow the chain of command beginning with your child's teacher, if applicable, then the building principal.  If not resolved at the building level, then the superintendent should be contacted.  Issues not resolved by the superintendent may be addressed to the Board of Education.  Please contact the Board of Education through the district clerk, Fleurette Clough,


Name Phone Number Term Expires
Tony Opera  (607) 836-6935 2024
Cheryl Kenyon  (607) 836-6976 2024
Darrin Osborne  (607) 423-4445 2023
Marisa Zogg  (607) 261-0026 2023
Michael Murray  (607) 345-0038 2024
Kristina Maricle  (607) 745-8827 2025
Rebekah Stull  (607) 745-1811 2025

Regular Board of Education meetings are usually held at 6:30 p.m. in the high school library. Meeting dates are  listed on the District Calendar and on the scrolling website calendar.  In addition, special meetings may be called and are announced in the Cortland Standard, and on the scrolling website calendar.  Visit Board Docs to access the Board of Education Meeting Dates, Agendas, and Minutes.


 Policy Book Review (monthly)
1. Mike Murray
2. Rebekah Stull
3. Marisa Zogg

Audit/Finance (4x/year)
1. Cheryl Kenyon
2. Tony Opera
3. Darrin Osborne

Communication (summer)
1. Kristina Maricle
2. Marisa Zogg

Health & Safety (every other month)
1. Kristina Maricle
2. Marisa Zogg

Shared Services 
1. Cheryl Kenyon
2. Kristina Maricle
3. Rebekah Stull

Transportation/Facilities/Cafeteria (as needed)
1. Mike Murray
2. Darrin Osborne
3. Rebekah Stull

Tech (3x/ year)
1. Kristina Maricle

School Counseling Advisory
1. Mike Murray

New York State School Boards Association Representation
1. Darrin Osborne