Mrs. Niver’s 5th Grade Class

        Greetings!  I am Mrs. Niver and I Social Studies and Science to all the 4th and 5th grade students. I was born into a military family and had the priviledge of living in and travelling to different countries around the world and numerous states right here in the US. As a teenager, my father retired here in Cortland, on top of one of our hills overlooking McGraw. I graduated from Homer High School and then went on to college. After graduating from SUNY Cobleskill, I graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science (at one time I wanted to be a veterinarian!) When I changed my life's direction, I merged my undergraduate studies into a teaching degree and started teaching here at McGraw Elementary in 1988.  I then met and married my husband, Donald, (many of you know the Niver family!) and started our family. I then received my Master's Degree in Elementary Science Education from SUNY Cortland. I have taught here since 1988 and have enjoyed every minute!

          The 5th grade SS curriculum covers basically the Western Hemisphere, from the ancient American civilizations, the founding of our nation, to the present. We also learn how our neighbors to the north and south (Canada and South America) have had an impact on our history, economy, culture, and government. I try to make history come alive as much as possible by doing projects, watching films (since fieldtrips to Peru are out of the question!!), and bringing in guest speakers on certain topics.

          The 4th grade SS curriculum covers the geography, history, and government of our great state of New York. I encourage parents to take their 4th grader on as many day trips and family vacations as possible to the many diverse areas around NY!  Enjoy all the beautiful and interesting sites our state has to offer! 

          Our 4th and 5th grade Science curricula covers the biological/life sciences, the physical sciences of chemistry and physics, earth science which also includes the universe, and of course, health.  I try to have as many hands-on activities and labs as I can possibly squeeze in!  And also, let's not forget the NYS Science Assessment given to 4th graders at the end of the year! (But most students love taking this assessment, as it is actually fun!!)

I expect a sense of maturity, respect, and responsibility from all our 5th grade students. We are preparing them for a successful transition to the Middle School next year. Therefore, homework and projects are to be turned in on time and class participation is expected. We review for all tests in a number of ways in order to guarantee success for all students, but I encourage parents to take an active role in their child's education. Read with your child. Show them how to study. Set standards and limits. Encourage them to be their best!  After all, you were their teacher first and will continue to be, even after their school years!!

Thanks for browsing by!

                               Jacqueline A. Niver

    "Be the reason someone smiles today..."


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