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Welcome to the Guidance and Counseling Department 


      Mrs. Trish Walter          Counselor Grades 9-12   Mr. David Emma
Counselor Grades 5-8
  Mrs. Kristy Forkey
 Administrative Assistant
   P: 607-836-3610   
F: 607-836-3635

We are here to help you navigate through high school.  The links shared are resources for you to use in exploring the options for your future and helping you with day to day academics and personal issues.  There are links on the left side and below.     

Here is a list of college/career related links       
Prepare for the PSAT and SAT, conduct scholarship and college searches.
A college search engine helps you to learn about different college majors and the colleges or technical schools which offer them. 
One of many scholarship search engines. 
When researching scholarships always remember scholarships are meant to be free. Never pay toward finding out or applying for a scholarship.
Ask someone about their profession. What is their job title? What specific duties do they have? Do they like what they do? If it sounds interesting ask if you could visit for a day.   
Volunteer-provide a service to others, many scholarships require some volunteering, this always looks great on a resume and you could get a terrific college reference out of the experience.  
Visit Cortland Career Works on Main Street in Cortland. They help teens and adults find employment.
College Prep Links:


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