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Ms. Nancy Law
Teaching Certifications


NYS Professional Certification: Family and Consumer Sciences K-12
NYS Permanent Certification: Health Education K-12
MSED Health Education

Junior High Program: Home and Career Skills 6 & 8

Home and Career Skills is a program of instruction primarily through applied activities which are designed to prepare students to meet their responsibilities and understand their role in life as parents, members of families, consumers, home managers, and wage earners.

(1 semester at each grade level)

Senior High FACS Program:

Family & Consumer Science course offerings are one semester electives for grades 9-12. Students and parents are encouraged to consider the merit of these courses since they offer very important information and skill development to students of varying career intentions as well as life assistance.

Course offerings include: The Developing Child, Healthy Cooking, Senior Seminar

Senior High Health Education:

Senior High Health Curriculum explores topics such as Personal Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness, Mental Health, Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs, Human Sexuality and Personal Safety.  The course objectives are to provide students with the necessary knowledge and understanding of current health concepts related to disease prevention and health promotion and to help students develop essential life skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain health enhancing behaviors.


Favorite Quote

May your choices reflect
your hopes, not your fears.

Nelson Mandella

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