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MCS Middle School Rewards Program
The Maroon and White Club
The Maroon and White Club believes:

Every student in the school should have the opportunity to receive recognition for his/her academic growth, improvement and show of citizenship.
The Club will use recognition, rewards, incentives and celebrations of student academic and social achievements to promote a positive school climate where success is truly valued.

The Maroon and White Club strives to promote a positive and safe learning environment where students are engaged in active learning while developing a sense of self-worth through the pursuit of academic excellence.

Explanation and Club ideas:
Our situation at MCS is that many of our middle school students are in need of improvement in academic achievement, attendance, conduct and respect for others. The Maroon and White club will focus on the middle school students, grades 6-8.
We hope that parents, faculty/staff, students, administration, and community businesses/organizations will join forces in launching the Maroon and White Club reward program. We want our students to realize that earning good grades, attending school on time and behaving in a respectful manner is the right thing to do and is also “cool.” The Maroon and White club committee will organize activities that recognize, reward and celebrate students who improve their grades, conduct and promote school spirit.
We have a variety of recognition activities each marking period so that students have the opportunity to participate in club events. We have established a simple two-color recognition, incentive and reward system that is based on a student’s academic improvement and academic achievement during a marking period as well as attendance and citizenship/character. Each marking period, students will have the opportunity to earn a maroon or white wristband. The bands will not only serve as recognition of achievement, but will also point out to teachers and other students which students are part of this club. We believe that the more visual the program and the more excitement generated by its members, the more other students will want to become a member of the club.
Maroon Club
Academics: Overall average of all classes is a 92% or higher
Attendance: No more than 1 day of unexcused absences (extenuating circumstances to be considered)
Tardy no more than 2 times per marking period
Citizenship/Character: No discipline referrals
White Club
Academics: An overall average of 85% or above with NO failing grades
Attendance: No more than 3 days of unexcused absences
Tardy no more than 4 times per marking period
Character/Citizenship: No discipline referrals

** Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis**

Possible Incentives:
  • Attendance at the Rally ( for the first 2 marking periods)
  • Passes to the gym during lunch
  • Entrance into raffles for prizes at rallies
  • Lunch line privileges
  • Homework passes (to be worked out with teachers)
For the first 2 marking periods, students who qualify will be eligible to attend reward activities or receive reward materials.
**The culminating reward experience may be a field trip in May or June. ONLY students who have qualified for Maroon and White club for at least TWICE are eligible to attend.**
Rewards, incentives and activities are at the discretion of the committee, advisors and administration.
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