Privacy and Ed Law 2-D

 As a parent, you may be aware the New York State Education Department is making a stronger push to monitor the efficacy of school districts in meeting the mandates set forth by part 121 of Education Law 2-D. These actions are being taken by the state to ensure that student (and some teacher) data privacy is being regarded with the utmost security, both in-district and by any approved third parties.

This page contains the four mandatory items that should be hosted on the district’s website, in addition to four elements that, while not required by the law, are recommended to include for the benefit of the public. To view any of these elements, please click on the respective link(s) below.

For more information, please reach out to the McGraw Central School District Data Protection Officer:

Kevin Solan
Phone: (607) 836-3630
Email Kevin Solan

Parent Bill Of Rights

The district is required to post the Parents' Bill of Rights.

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Supplemental Information

An inventory/list of third parties who have access to student data.

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Data Security & Privacy Policy

The district's Data Security and Privacy Policy must be posted on the website.

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Unauthorized Disclosure Complaint Procedures  

Details how stakeholders are notified of a potential data incident/breach.

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FERPA Annual Notification

This policy/notification informs parents and students about their rights to review education records.

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Directory Information Policy

Clearly identifies the elements that comprise the district's directory information (such as names, birthdates, etc.).

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PPRA Policy

Notification of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendments and how it covers surveys, marketing, and physical exams.

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Notification of Specific Events 

Details how districts notify parents of additional events not originally covered in an initial (annual) PPRA notification.

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