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Welcome, Mr. Cruz!

Welcome Señor José Cruz to McGraw High School as the new Spanish teacher.  Mr. Cruz began his teaching career in Nicaragua teaching Spanish with a focus on speaking and listening.  He then began training new Spanish teachers and collaborating on curriculum.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics.  He also taught Spanish in while living in Seoul, South Korea.  After a move to New York, he was employed at a language school called Fluent City.  He recently completed his student teaching at Midwood High School in Brooklyn.

Mr. Cruz and his family recently relocated to Syracuse, NY.  He and his wife have two young children.  He says, “As a family, we enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and camping.  We also love traveling whenever we have the opportunity to do so.  When I have time for myself, I love reading or learning something, like a programming language or polishing my French skills.  I often spend free time video-chatting with my mom who still lives in Nicaragua.”  An interesting fact about Mr. Cruz is that he used to box in High School, which is popular in Nicaragua. 

He says, “I am so excited to join the McGraw community and look forward to developing strong relationships with all of my students and families.”   Welcome, Señor Cruz, to McGraw!